How to Choose a Squash Shoe

How to choose a squash shoe

Squash is an action game; you are not still for even a second. For the continuous hopping, sprinting, running backwards and spinning, you need shoes made specifically for this purpose.

Select shoes that are well equipped for efficient shock absorption and greater stability, as well as being a perfect fit for your size and type of feet.

Allow a little extra room (about half an inch) in the toe section, to relieve your toenails of the heavy stresses they are subjected to during frequent forward sprints and stops, and to allow space for the feet to swell, which is usual during intense physical activity.

On the other hand, too loose a shoe would make you unstable. Try the shoes on after walking or running for some time, as your feet will have already swollen a little. Another tip is to try them on wearing your sports socks and to mimic the moves you would be making on the court. This would give you a better idea of the fit and stability of the shoe.

The outer soles are usually made of rubber, which gives adequate traction against the court surface. A design with good ankle support should be considered, especially for individuals who overpronate.

Be sure to change your shoes after a period of time. Frequent players, especially those who drag their toes, wear out their shoes more rapidly. Our orthoses are a good choice to add extra cushioning in your shoes, and more importantly to support an over-pronating foot that may lead to foot pain and an increased risk of injury.