How to Choose a Basketball Shoe

How to choose a basketball shoe

To play basketball, and to play it well, you need a pair of shoes that boosts your skills and technique. You need to start fast, stop quickly, dodge rapidly, jump high and land safely. To make all these moves without hurting yourself you need shoes that give you speed and stability, as well as support, to protect your feet against all the inflicted stresses.

Good foot support is a must, as well as a good fit, to prevent strains and sprains. Select a shoe that gives good ankle support. This is the reason more than one third of players choose high-cut designs as they provide better stability and bracing to the ankle joint.

Fast players usually prefer lightweight shoes, which often lack good quality material. Shoes that have added design features for support and protection tend to weigh more. The choice is yours, but never compromise on quality. Durability is also important. Invest in good quality shoes and you will not regret the expense.

While playing on wooden floors you need a good hold on the ground. For landing safely, you need a sole that provides sufficient traction, not only in the forefoot area but also in the heel.

Another key feature to look for is a good shock-absorbent midsole. Materials such as EVA, polyurethane, etc., provide good cushioning. EVA is lighter, while polyurethane provides better stability. Even so, if you suffer from heel pain or have an ankle sprain, your doctor may prescribe insole shoe inserts. Docpods is a leading name in the field of innersoles; visit our website to see our vast range of orthotic insoles. However, it is better to avoid self-treatment and you should consult your podiatrist to select the right orthoses for you.