Tibialis Anterior Anatomy

Tibialis Anterior Anatomy

The tibialis anterior muscle is the large muscle on the outer front of the lower leg. It extends from just below the knee down across the ankle and gets inserted into the bones of the feet. Lower leg is divided into four different compartments; Tibialis muscle is one of the four muscles present in the anterior compartment of lower leg.


This muscle originates from the upper two third of front surface of tibia or shinbone, hence the name. It is not exactly in the mid but a little towards outside; a part of it arises from the lateral condyle (head) of tibia. As it descends towards the foot it shifts medially and finally gets inserted into the bones on the inner side of the foot.


It inserts into two bones: medial cuneiform and first metatarsal of the foot.


It is thick from above while the lower one third is thin and fibrous and forms the tendon.

Nerve supply:

Deep Peroneal nerve

Blood supply:

Anterior tibial Arteries


It is a powerful flexor muscle that moves the foot upwards (dorsiflexion) and twists it inwards (Inversion).


– It stabilizes the ankle, as the foot hits the ground during walking

– It pulls the foot off the ground into the air, to take the next step

– Helps to keep the leg vertical even while walking on uneven surface

– Its paralysis leads to a condition called foot drop.