How to Choose a Tennis Shoe

How to choose a tennis shoe

Tennis is a game which involves brisk movements. You need to be able to sprint, jump, make swift starts and stops and dash sideways. All these actions require a great deal of flexibility from your lower limb muscles and joints. Your feet, in particular, are subjected to immense stress, so it is imperative that you take good care of them by selecting a great pair of tennis shoes.

First, you need to know your foot type (flat or high arch) and your playing style. For if you play at the back you have to rush from side to side frequently, while playing in the front requires frequent forward sprints.

While selecting a tennis shoe, always put emphasis on good cushioning and lateral bracing. The insole should be able to support your foot type and provide adequate shock absorption, while at the same time it should not be so soft that it will provide no support.

Lateral bracing is mandatory; a good ankle-bracing design or shoes supplied with specific lacing techniques that improve lateral stability are a great aid.

Choose the outsole with a view to the court surface. Conventional herringbone design works great on hard surfaces. For clay courts, clay court shoes allow better ease of movement. Studded soles provide good hold on grass, while plain soles are recommended for indoor courts to prevent latching onto the carpeted surface.