Good Things to Look for in a Shoe

Good Shoes – Things To Look For When Buying Shoes

Choosing Good shoes is important step in avoiding foot pain. The main functions that a good shoe should perform is; 1 support and 2 protection.

When a shoe supports the foot it allows muscles of the foot to work less and ultimately leads to a more comfortable shoe and less foot pains such as metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis and heel pain (to see more foot related pains go to our foot pain index)

Good arch support is often needed in running shoes and good walking to prevent the foot from over pronation and overuse injuries. Our orthotic innersoles are a great addition to a good shoe.

Here the most important aspects you should look for in a shoe when buying any shoe, be it running shoes, walking shoes or shoes for work.

  1. The shoe should only bend where your foot bends (at the joint of the big toe).
  2. The shoe should resist being twisted (wrung out).
  3. The heel counter should be fully enclosed, high and firm.
  4. The toe box region should be deep and roomy.
  5. The shoe should be a thumb width longer than the longest toe.
  6. The shoe should be able to be fastened to the foot by a buckle, belt, strap, elastic or laces.
  7. If a heel is present it should be no higher than 2.5cm.
  8. The shape of the shoe should match the foot (curved last for a curved foot). If the shape of the shoe does not match the foot, the shoe will be uncomfortable.
  9. The midsole of the shoe should be solid / firm yet shock absorbing.

These are the good features of good work, exercise and dress shoes. Apply these standards to your existing shoes and see how they compare.

Our innersoles enhance the supportive features of good shoes.This reduces the pressure placed on the foot and ankles during day to day activity.When Our innersoles are used in conjunction with good footwear the end result is more comfortable and pain free feet.