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Ball of foot pain and what causes ball of foot pain

Kent Elliot - Thursday, September 15, 2016

Ball of foot pain is a complex and multifaceted foot pain that is suffered widely by people today. There are a number of causes for ball of foot pain, some of which are a Morton’s neuroma, a plantar plate rupture, crossover toe, and stress fractures and stress reactions on the bone, which are all aggravated by mechanical problems in the foot. Mechanical problems that help to cause or help to aggravate a preexisting condition are generally a foot that over pronates and causes an increase in strain on the ball of the foot. The over pronation either pinches on a nerve, in the case of a Morton’s neuroma, or aggravates the plantar plate of the second or third toe. In a plantar plate rupture, or also aggravates the plantar plate in crossover toe which causes a dull, throbbing, aching in the plantar forefoot.

Orthotic insoles can help to prevent and also help to treat ball of foot pain from the causes we have just discussed. However, prevention of the ball of foot pain is much better than trying to cure or fix the ball of foot pain once the pain has already arisen. The problem with ball of foot pain is that if it is ignored it is very difficult to get rid of. Some of the structures that are broken like the plantar metatarsal ligament in plantar plate rupture or the nerve irritation can actually cause nerve irritation in the Morton’s neuroma, can actually cause scarring on the nerve or the plantar plate which is very difficult to reverse. Once the nerve or the plantar plate is scarred or torn then surgery may be the only option for ball of foot pain treatment.

Orthotics help to support and stop the foot from pronating which relieves the stress and the strain on the forefoot and helps to remove the strain from the plantar plate, the metatarsals, and also the nerve that is related, that is aggravated during to cause a Morton’s neuroma.

Orthotics that would suit ball of foot pain treatment can be found in the Docpods range and it is best to get the most supportive orthotic like the Ultra Soft that you can fit in your shoes. With this said, the Ultra Soft does not fit into every shoe and it fits best into sport shoes and lace up shoes in men’s fashion shoes, ladies’ boots, and shoes with enough room to accommodate it.

As we move down the range, the Slimline orthotic, while it’s not as supportive, will fit in more shoes than the Ultra Soft orthotic so this can be a more appropriate orthotic based on the footwear that is being worn.

To reiterate, ball of foot pain is best prevented by wearing an appropriate orthotic with a well fitted supportive shoe. For more information on our products or foot pain conditions or the specifics behind Morton’s neuroma, plantar plate rupture, crossover toe, please take a look at our orthotic insole range.







1. Measure your existing shoe insole:

 1. Measure from your heel to ball of foot:


2. Then compare your measurements from above to match the product size charts below:
(you can trim to fit the insoles by approximately 1cm)

Docpods Regular Size Guide - for Slimline, 3 Quarter, Sports

Size  cm cm cm
Small  4-7  4-8  3-6.5  4-7.5  35-40 16  16.3  25.8
Medium  7-9   8-10  6-9  7-10  39-43  17.4 17.2  27.4
Large   9-13  10-14  8-12  9-13  42-47 19.3   18.2 29.4

Docpods Ultra Size Guide - for Ultra Soft

EURO  34  35.5-37.5  38-40  40.5-42  42.5-44  44.5-46.5
UK  2.5  3-4.5  5-6.5  7-8  8.5-9.5  10-12
US MENS  4-5  5.5-6  6.5-7.5  8-9  9.5-10.5  11-13.5
US WOMENS  3.5-5  5.5-7  7.5-9  9.5-10.5  11-12  13-14
LENGTH (cm) 23.2cm 24.9cm 26.2cm 28.8cm 30cm  31.2cm

Docpods Kids Size Guide - for Docpods Kids Fit only

XXS 12-1  19.5cm 13cm 
XS 2-3 22.4cm  15.3cm 

Docpods Foot Pillow - Trim to Fit

  S L
US MENS  4.5 - 9  9 - 13
US WOMENS  6 - 10  10 - 14
LENGTH (cm) 26.5cm 29.2cm

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