Orthotics for Safety Shoes and Work Boots


Traditionally safety and work shoes have targeted protection. Features like steel toe caps, thick leather uppers and durable outsoles were the main selling points for this type of footwear.

Unfortunately this focus on protection left the stability and comfort aspects of safety and work shoes lacking.

When trying to limit injuries at work supporting the foot is an important factor to consider.  Although they are not as dramatic as an acute traumatic injury, overuse and repetitive strain injuries are responsible for alarming losses in man hours at work.

Docpods help to make work boots more comfortable by doing some of the mechanical work for the foot. When docpods orthotics support the foot it leads to less strain on the muscles and ligaments of the foot and lower limb, this in turn means less foot aches and pains and also less wear and tear on the joints of the foot.  The overall result of this is a more comfortable working day.

By supporting the foot in day to day work, it places less strain on the foot and hence leads to less overuse injuries.  Docpods orthotics help to add support to safety boots.  When the foot is supported to function in a more efficient position there is less wear and tear on the foot.  This leads to less foot pain and more comfortable shoes.

Docpods orthotics that are perfect for safety boots are listed below.

 Supports where safety boots don't suffice

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Docpods Regular Size Guide - for Superslim, Slimline, 3 Quarter, Sports
Small  4-7  4-8  3-6.5  4-7.5  35-40
Medium  7-9   8-10  6-9  7-10  39-43
Large   9-13  10-14  8-12  9-13  42-47

Docpods Ultra Size Guide - for Ultra and Ultra Soft
EURO  34  35.5-37.5  38-40  40.5-42  42.5-44  44.5-46.5
UK  2.5  3-4.5  5-6.5  7-8  8.5-9.5  10-12
US MENS  4-5  5.5-6  6.5-7.5  8-9  9.5-10.5  11-13.5
US WOMENS  3.5-5  5.5-7  7.5-9  9.5-10.5  11-12  13-14

Docpods Kids Size Guide - for Docpods Kids Fit only
XXS 1-3
XS 4-6
S 4-7

Docpods Foot Pillow - Trim to Fit
  S L
US MENS  4.5 - 9  9 - 13
US WOMENS  6 - 10  10 - 14