Docpods Health Affiliate Program


Docpods® is offering an exciting affiliate program that enables you to earn money from your existing website. As a member of the Docpods® health affiliate program you will earn commission on each customer you send to our online store.

Why join the Docpods® health affiliate program

  • High commissions (20-25%) of sales
  • High referrer commissions (5%) for sales of affiliates you refer
  • 75% (3 in 4) of all people will experience foot pain at some stage in their lives – the potential customer pool is enormous
  • Low competition area (orthotics sales online) - easier to get your site noticed and make sales
  • High conversion rates
  • We have a 3rd party affiliate program to keep track of sales - this ensures that you get paid correctly
  • Real time tracking - continuous and up to date tracking on how much money you have made
  • Free sign up - join up for absolutely FREE
  • We provide high quality content for you to promote products from the Docpods® website
  • Free shipping to all Australian orders - to encourage orders
  • Live calculation of international postage - so postage is kept to a minimum
  • No handling fees - to encourage orders
  • We ship worldwide

How the program works

When you join the Docpods® health affiliate program all you need to do is link your site to ours with a specific piece of linking code. This is supplied by us after you join our affiliate program. The link can be a banner, image, text links or even mention us in your newsletter. When you send customers to our site from yours via this link they will be tracked and you will be credited with any sales made via this linking code.

Docpods health affiliate program uses the services of a third party affiliate tracking company to perform the tracking, on-line reporting and monthly commission payments. This ensures you are paid correctly for all sales sent from your website.

You can also access images, banners and content supplied by Docpods® in order to promote Docpods® products. All logos, graphics, banners and other content provided by Docpods® must be used exactly as provided and may not be altered in any way.

We also reserve the right not to offer the program to sites containing adult content or any other site that Docpods® deems as inappropriate.

How to join affiliate program

All you need to do to join the Docpods® health affiliate program is click the "join program" link below, sign up and start sending traffic to the Docpods® online store via the linking code provided. It's that easy.



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